Climate-Controlled Storage in Mesa, Arizona

Trust Dominion Self-Storage. You don’t want to leave the safety of your most prized possessions up to Mother Nature. For your personal items that are sensitive to anything but the mildest temperatures consider getting the extra protection they require with one of our climate-controlled self storage units. These unique units at Dominion Self-Storage near Safeway keep items such as antique furniture, artwork, electronics, wine, and photographs safe from weather-related effects.

Protect Your Valuables

Weather changes, but the condition of your valuables never should. Dominion Self-Storage offers climate-controlled units, ensuring that added layer of protection by maintaining the temperature in the unit. Dominion Self-Storage has you covered. You’ll feel better knowing the things you care about are shielded from harmful elements thanks to the extra level protection provided by our climate-controlled units.

Need to know more to determine if climate-controlled units are right for you? Touch base with one of our storage experts today. We look forward to assisting you.

Dominion Self-Storage


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